Air freight

Air freight

Strategically located

Our facilities in Nairobi and Aalsmeer are strategically located. They are close to major production areas and situated in the immediate vicinity of international airports. For example, our facility in Aalsmeer is a mere stone’s throw away from Schiphol Airport (AMS). And our Nairobi office is literally right next door to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). As a result, pre-carriage transport can be kept to a minimum in most cases.

Since 2006, Airflo has been building long term relationships with the world’s leading airlines.

We work with these selected carriers to build innovative fresh logistics solutions for our customers, including multiple daily departures from both Amsterdam and Nairobi and complimented by extensive full and part charter capability to meet key demand periods.

Why is Airflo such an attractive partner for air freight?

  • We have good working agreements with all airlines, including KLM, Martinair, Cargolux, Emirates, Saudia, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Magma Aviation. Thanks to these partnerships, we can offer you a global network. In addition to the Kenya-Netherlands trade lane, which we manage from Amsterdam, we also frequently sent consignments to destinations in North America, the Middle East, the Far East, South Africa, China, Japan and Australia.
  • We ship products on direct flights from Amsterdam and Nairobi to the greatest possible extent. As a result, we guarantee the shortest possible turnaround times.
  • Most aircraft hold no secrets for us. Our specialists know how to safely load your shipment to get the maximum amount of product in the ULDs and stow them safely on the lower or main deck in workhorses like the Boeing 747, Boeing 777 or Airbus A330.
  • We have state-of-the-art facilities for receiving and storing your cargo. For example, in Nairobi, we have 12 sealed dock shelters and no less than 4200 m2 of refrigerated storage space at our disposal. Does your consignment require different temperature-controlled conditions? No problem; we have two special areas where we can set and maintain the temperature at the required value. We use these areas for storing herbs, pelargonium cuttings and poinsettias, among other products.
  • In Kenya, we use our own insulated trucks to cover the short distance from our warehouse to the airport. This avoids the risk of a sudden rise in temperature, which would result in condensation. This is a real threat for perishables, particularly herbs. In addition, our insulated trucks comply with the strict conditions set by some airlines, such as British Airways.
  • In Kenya, we present your consignment to the Kenyan Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) for the mandatory phytosanitary inspection. Inspectors from this department are based in our facility. So this is a win-win situation for all parties.
  • We are also licensed to carry out aviation security scans in Kenya. Our x-ray scanner is capable of inspecting fully loaded pallets in one operation. This avoids all the work involved in removing products from the pallets and then reloading them.
  • Our customs specialists are aware of all the regulations and restrictions associated with importing and exporting perishable products. We can handle most of the paperwork and legal requirements for you. Every day, dozens of packing lists, invoices, HCDA export declarations, phytosanitary certificates, air waybills and customs declarations pass through the hands of our customs specialists. We can also collect stamped and signed paper documents from Customs for you. We will be happy to provide further details of these support services.
  • Meat and fish are further products for which we can arrange air transport from the Netherlands and Kenya.

Find out more

Would you like more information? Our perishable product specialists are there to help and will be happy to inform you about the possibilities. Call us or send an email today to experience our service. You’ll see that the sky is the limit. Literally and figuratively.

Our products

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An optimal cold chain and a short transit time are essential if you want to achieve the longest possible vase life for your fresh cut flowers. We guarantee that both conditions will be met. We offer nearly all global destinations, both from Schiphol airport and from Nairobi.



Most herbs are extremely sensitive. So your herb shipments require extreme care and attention. After all, transporting these products is challenging. We use our knowledge and experience to select the best possible airline, route and connection for your shipment of herbs. Our approach ensures that your herbs are transported under optimal conditions to the destination of your choice.


Fruit & Vegetables

Whatever the challenge - a large 20-ton consignment of avocados from Kenya, 24 pallets of bell peppers from the Netherlands or a small consignment of soft fruit - we have the facilities and, more importantly, the knowledge and experience required for shipping your perishable products in the right way. They are guaranteed to arrive at the destination in fresh condition.



Due to the short storage life of cuttings and their sensitivity to temperature, transporting these perishable products requires tight control. Thanks to our facilities, knowledge and experience, we guarantee you optimal handling of your cuttings shipments.

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