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Cold Chain

Airflo operates from Aalsmeer where our proximity to Schiphol and to key airports at Maastricht, Liege, Brussels and Paris, and matched to our dedicated refrigerated trucking network, allows us to move your cargo to and from these airports all whilst maintaining the integrity of the cold chain.

Our Kenyan platform recently upgraded its 4,200sqm cold store on Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, and now features 11 insulated delivery docks, simultaneous vacuum cooling capacity for 4 x aircraft ULDs, and an integrated ocean freight  handling facility, complete with an insulated reefer dock.

These facilities are complimented by both refrigerated farm collection services and the cooled cargo transfer to airline warehouse in 2 x 4 ULD prime movers.

In 2021, Airflo will bring on line 3 variable temperature controlled rooms, each with independent forced air cooling capability that will further expand our cold chain capabilities, allowing Airflo to handle the most cold chain intensive product types.

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